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The Corner Brook School

Why Choose TCBS?

The Corner Brook School provides students with the opportunity for advancement in all areas of school life. The teachers ensure that the students achieve their best in their studies, while through the Tutorial Department, character building is fostered. Co-curricular activities give the students the chance to discover and nurture their talents.

TCBS is about the quality with which the all-round curriculum is transmitted.

  • Class rooms: Spacious and with a maximum of between 25 and 30 students.
  • Accommodative Dormitories: Spacious cubicles with washroom which are finished to home standard and supplied with hot water shower.
  • Food: TCBS offers a homely balanced diet, adequate for growing and energetic young men.

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Brief History


The Corner Brook School was established in 2009 with 2 students, but has grown to a double stream within a period of 7 years. It's a boys boarding high school that is home to more than 350 boys and is founded on strong christian principles which have fostered a close working relationship between parents, teachers and students.



To provide a conducive learning environment that empowers the boy child through imparting knowledge and skills in embracing global trends.



The Corner Brook School will be a leading institution in boy child learning and empowerment.

School Values

  • God Fearing.
  • Professionalism.
  • Integrity.
  • Transparency.
  • Goal Oriented


Trusting God doesn't make mountains smaller but it makes climbing easier. Never ask God for a lighter load but ask Him for strength to bear - and again don't lower your goals to the level of your abilities, instead raise your abilities to the level of your goals.

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Expectation from TCBS



TCBS has strong emphasis on sports - including golf, soccer, rugby, lawn tennis, table tennis and swimming



As an institution we embrace togetherness which is one of the effective steps in the entire learning process.



We have state of the art labs - equipped with every suitable apparatus to complimate and actualize theoretical concepts.



An enabling environment created to ensure students benefit fully academically.

Qualified personel


We have experienced staff and supporting staff who work collaboratively in serving students.



We have an online program that allows students to receive assignments & tests during holidays.

The Corner Brook School

TCBS Pillars

TCBS has 7 key pillars;-

  • Embrace modern technology in teaching.
  • Apply innovative ideas in teaching.
  • Exemplary discipline among students
  • Cordial relationships among the TCBS stakeholders
  • Financial adequacy
  • Environmental conservation
  • All human resource capacity building

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