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The Corner Brook School offers the 8-4-4 education system.The school leads in educating boys and offers a superior academic program designed to prepare its graduates to succced academically in leading Colleges and Universities.The school's academic program seeks to foster love of learning , hard work, pride in achievement and dedicated faculty committed to the academic and personal growth of every boy.

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Career Guidance

This department guides students in their future professional pursuits. We achieve this by inviting professional guests in different fields to guide and counsel them. At TCBS, career guidance & mentoring is a way of life and commences the moment the young men join the institution. Students spend considerable time with their school mentors and parents to ensure they all end up in fields they can relate with and have passion for - which is a complete foundation to a happy career life.

Core Responsibilities

  • Guiding students on choosing their careers and development of their talents
  • Organizing for career talks within and outside school
  • Registration in K.C.S.E. exams
  • Guidance in subject selection in school that would mould or lead them to their desired future careers.
  • Guiding students in filling university forms

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TCBS Student's Body

Vincent Ngetich

The School Captain

Vincent Nyabuto

Assistant School Captain

Ian Mwendwa

Academic Captain

Raphael Obala

Dorm Captain

Jordan Munyoki

Dining Hall Captain

Peter Mwiti

Games Captain

Stephen Omusula

Assistant Dining Hall Captain

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