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Academic And Students


Kenneth Mugo

School Captain

The Captain and the assistant are the most disciplined students and they have maintained a high level of displine among the students.They are also a good role model to the students and as teachers we admire their leadership style which has given teachers a chance to concentrate in academics

Martin Ouma

Deputy Captain


Apart from excellence in academics the school has nurtured the talents of the boys through provision of time and the necessary materials as well as guidance. This is done by creating a talent day each year which is managed and organised by the students but the school provides the necessary financial support. Creative arts involve drawing and painting, playing musical instruments, entertainment through drama, dances and music as well as public speaking. The captions below show students being involved in various activities.

Career Guidance

This is a department deals with guiding the students in their future professional pursuits. We achieve this by inviting professional guests in different fields to guide and counsel them. At TCBS, career guidance is a way of life and begins the moment the young men step into the institution. . Students spend considerable time with their school mentors and also together with their parents to ensure they all end up in fields that they themselves relate with and have a real passion for. That’s the first building stone to a happy career life.

Core Responsibilities

  • Guiding students on choosing their careers and development of their talents
  • Organizing for career talks within and outside school
  • Registration in K.C.S.E. exams
  • Guidance in subject choices in school that would mould or lead them to their desired future careers.
  • Guiding students in filling university forms