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Academic And Students


This is a department deals with guiding the students in their future professional pursuits. We achieve this by inviting professional guests in different fields to guide and counsel them. At TCBS, career guidance is a way of life and begins the moment the young men step into the institution. . Students spend considerable time with their school mentors and also together with their parents to ensure they all end up in fields that they themselves relate with and have a real passion for. That’s the first building stone to a happy career life.


  • Guiding students on choosing their careers and development of their talents
  • Organizing for career talks within and outside school
  • Registration in K.C.S.E. exams
  • Guidance in subject choices in school that would mould or lead them to their desired future careers.
  • Guiding students in filling university forms



    TCBS Debate Content With Mang'u High School

    Student Activities Takethrough

    TCBS Students within the school compound

    A student performing creative arts

    Message From The Student Leader

    Being the school president has been a great experience due to maximum support from our school director, teaching staff and fellow prefects all has been well. It is my escalating hope that through my leadership we shall all be successful people in the future and i urge fellow students to create their future by having dreams and knowing that the future belongs to those who can dream and wake up to figure out what needs to be done to make their dreams come to pass. Whether you like it or not, the future will come. Will you be a spectator or a participant? Never forget that the best way to protect the future is by creating it! Finally get to know that if you are not willing to risk the usual then you will have to settle for the ordinary. Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out to get them.

    Vincent Ngetich,

    Academics Leader.

    Message From The Academic Leader

    At The Corner Brook school we believe learning is fun where teachers and students work hand in hand. We have been able to set and implement different programs that have led to our achievement in academics. For example we have random tests on weekly basis, mathematics exams every Sunday which help in keeping students on their toes. For the form fours, they have battalions each having a unique name. They compete against each other with the leading one getting rewarded. I thank The Corner Brook fraternity for giving me the chance to lead them. I have been able to acquire skills that will help me in the future. There are many challenges encountered while dealing with students but one way I have learnt of dealing with them is by facing the challenges. Understanding the needs of the students and creating a goodwill with them has been the perfect way of solving the plethora of challenges encountered. Life is like a mirror, it will always show exactly what we perceive of ourselves. We are at liberty to decide who we are. Would you like to see a reflection of a failure in the mirror? Or would you like to see a person who has a great future? It is only for u to decide.

    Ian Mwendwa,

    Academics Leader.

    Message From The Games Captain

    ‘Work without play makes jack a dull boy…’ this is a commonplace proverb that simply emphasizes the need to have time off the rigorous duties to avoid boredom and fatigue. The Corner Brook School is an institution that recognizes the proverb and is committed to making sure that’ Jack doesn’t become a dull boy’ As the games captain I have been mandated with the duty of making sure that all games run smoothly so as to ensure a better performance in the secondary school games which take place every second term. The school involves itself in many games including football, rugby, basketball, swimming, volleyball, table tennis, just to name a few. Every student in the school is expected to actively participate in sports as this makes them to be active mentally and physically. After ALL an idle mind is the devils workshop. This makes the games docket the most loved by majority of students. Lastly I would like to thank the school management and administration for the unending support and encouragement, our very able director, Mr. Martin Mburu the ever present staff and patron (Mr. Mwanzia), Our gallant students for the drive and passion, the parents for the unwavering and immeasurable support at all times. Let us unite and uplift the boy’s talent. God bless you all.

    Peter Mwiti,

    Games Captain.