3 Biggest Education Innovation Questions For 2018

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3 Biggest Education Innovation Questions For 2018

Is education technology poised for a new wave of innovation?

Several years ago, I often frustrated ed tech entrepreneurs and investors by pointing out that the last thing teachers wanted was another online gradebook. I’d say, “We already have a bunch of those.” Nonetheless, it was the most frequent pitch I heard from 2009 – 2011.

Fortunately, this imitative drought gave way to a flood of innovation. Investment in K-12 ed tech increased fourfold from 2010 to 2015. The sheer volume of instructional content and tools produced during this period resulted in many high-quality digital offerings in segments such as math, classroom management, and school communications.

An increased focus on social-emotional learning opened an innovation window over the last few years. Has it closed already?

It’s time to coalesce around a manageable number of SEL skills that are meaningful, malleable, and measurable. This will make it easier to mobilize resources and expertise to advance the state of the art in SEL assessments, tools and practices, test them responsibly, and spread the most effective ones widely

Will our renewed focus on career and technical education stimulate smart investments in ways to better prepare all young people for the future of work?

Now is the time to rethink CTE in service of preparing all students for where the economy is headed. This kind of shift is difficult for government agencies to do at scale. This is where education entrepreneurs can make a huge contribution, helping schools, nonprofits and businesses try out new partnershipsdesigns, and funding mechanisms. Doubling down on approaches that show early promise and jettisoning ones that do not will create proof points that can be adopted more broadly as states revise their CTE systems to keep up with the changing nature of work and opportunity.