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Once again, on behalf of my family and that of the entire TCBS fraternity, I wish to welcome you to The Corner Brook School, a school whose mission is to empower the boychild. It's great to reminisce through the lenses of my own life. Firstly because am proud of my humble life and the few successes that I have enjoyed. Secondly, because, real life experience is a much stronger source of motivation than telling fiction stories. Regrettably, real life stories may be less fascinating and devoid of the normal suspense and razzmatazz embodied in a fiction story. Like me, those of the Jubilee generation, (born at the dawn of independence), were indoctrinated that 'if we worked hard, especially at school, we would succeed in life'. Well, not always but most of the time!! Our generation's belief in hard work, for success still persists and is the source of the widest ideological rift with most of our digital children who believe that there must be an easy way out!

The digital generation (digi-gen) comes with imaginary, short cut illusions to success, devoid of the application of hard work! Though they still yearn for great success as we did, theirs is more often than not measured in hard currency (literally), deeming that the end – making 'lots' of chapaa ¬– justifies the means and convinced that 'pesa ni pesa'. The dig-gen don't perceive schooling as a means – the only means- to success, but as a time wasting obstacle to their riches, the chapaa promise, wondering why they have to endure 16 years of an education that does not even guarantee them a ready job afterwards! The media and DSTV blinds them off with other chapaa-rich digi-gens such as Wayne Rooney and Tiger woods who earn Ksh44 Million and Ksh180 Million per week respectively!!! (Tiger woods can build almost 15 TCBS swimming pools each week!!!). Even our own mtaa friends like McDonald Mariga are earning Ksh4 Million per week! Real Chapaa. The digi-gen also is confused by others who have enriched themselves with ease via the sale of Unga – na si unga wa ugali!! The media is slow to reveal three factors to the digi-gen. One: that for every one Rooney and Tiger there are thousands of wasted lives who never made it. Two: that even Rooney works very hard every day. Three: that dealing in unga na si unga wa ugali, is a dangerous game that can land one in jail for a loooong time. We want to train our boys to be poisitive billionaires. Billionaires bila guilt. The billionaires that have inspired me are the lot of Mark Zuckerberg and his team of four fellow billionaire friends, the joint founders of FACEBOOK. They inspire me for three reasons: First they are boys!! There is too much being sung aroung about girls so it is very warming to see a team of boy children doing such a wonderful job! I cant imagine they founded facebook in their early 20's but then what cant boys do! Secondly they are dollar billionaires and not just shillingi billionaires. This teaches us to widen our scope of ambition. Thirdly, very critical, these boy children met and founded facebook while at Harvard University. And as we know, we don't go to Harvard to buy mangoes!! Harvard is for the most hardworking, intelligent and success seeking individuals. Now, these are postive billionaires. As we bring up our yougstars, especially our boys, let us inculcate in them the culture of hard work. The culture of sweating for that ultimate positive success. Each one of us must lead by example, for, if you are not a positively hard working daddy or mummy yourself, you will find this task indescribably difficult to measure up to!

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